Christian Brueffer

Christian Brueffer

Bioinformatician and Data Scientist

InSilico Consulting AB

Lund University

About Me

I am a freelance Bioinformatician and Data Scientist providing consulting services to clients in industry and academia to help them make sense of their data. Previously I lead bioinformatics, data science, and IT for several years at a cancer diagnostics company, working on precision medicine, genomics, and liquid biopsies. Additionally, I conduct research in affiliation with Lund University in Sweden.

My main interest is in using computational methods and biological/medical data to improve our understanding and treatment of diseases. Many of my projects, including my doctoral thesis, have been focused on cancer in humans. Additionally I work on improving open source bioinformatics and reproducible research infrastructure by contributing to projects such as conda-forge, Bioconda, and Biopython.

Over the past 20 years I have contributed to a number of open source software projects, most notably the FreeBSD computer operating system. A rough overview can be found on GitHub and OpenHub.

  • Bioinformatics and Data Science
  • Disease Biology and Diagnostics
  • Open Source Software
  • Software Engineering
  • PhD in Medical Science (Bioinformatics and Cancer Genomics)

    Lund University, Sweden

  • MSc in Bioinformatics

    Lund University, Sweden

  • BSc in Scientific Programming

    Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany


I’m available for consulting opportunities in industry and academia through my company InSilico Consulting AB. With a decade of experience in bioinformatics, biomedical data science, genomics, and diagnostics, as well as over two decades in IT to draw from I can help you make sense of your data. For more details on my experience, please see About Me and my publications and public talks.

Areas I can help you with include, but are not limited to

  • Genomics, Transcriptomics, and other Omics analyses
  • Clinical data analysis
  • Cancer/oncology-related applications, such as liquid biopsy
  • Computational pipeline/workflow development
  • Data processing, cleaning, integration, and visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Software development

Get in touch

For consulting inquiries, please contact me via email or LinkedIn.

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